Timeless (L’Intemporel)


Product Description :

Moisturizing, antioxidant and softening, olive oil is recognized for its many beauty benefits. This sumptuous gift box is the perfect mat to give for any occasion. Composed of hand soap (200ml), hand cream (200ml) and our refreshing sea salt exfoliating bar (150g). As a bonus, we have added a travel size (50 ml) of our hand cream, ideal for on the go.

No matter the decor, the intoxicating smell and elegance of the sober and timeless bottles will bring a refreshing air to any room!

Composition of the set:

  1. Refreshing hand soap
  2. Refreshing hand cream
  3. Refreshing sea salt exfoliating bar
  4. Refreshing travel-size hand cream (50ml)

Note: In order to protect the contents of your package, each item is individually packaged with care. The presentation differs from the picture.


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